Back from hiatus 2022

… and 100 Days of Homelab!

Huge apologies for this past years hiatus. I have not posted in more than a year. Actually my latest post was April 24th 2021. But now I am back!!!

A lot has happened since my last post. First of all I started a new job on October 1st as an IT Technician, working at a small IT company. We do IT support for small businesses and private individuals. We are mainly a Microsoft shop, but I do get to do a few other things from time to time.

My Home setup has changed a bit as well so not too long in the future there will be a post about this newer setup.

The plan is to improve my network setup, so I plan to do a few posts on that as well. I will do cabling to provide more ethernet connections around the house. My network hub will also be moving into another part of the house. I would love to setup at least parts of the network in 10 GBit/s. BUT … with the current situation with the war in the Ukraine, my finances are more tight than ever. So for now I will just reuse the gear I have currently.

With regard to hardware I still have a HP Proliant ML150 G6 running Proxmox and a former desktop running TrueNAS. They are not running 24/7 – mostly due to energy costs which have just skyrocketed since Feb 24th 2022 – and I would like to set them up to a) run (mainly) on solar power b) turn on and off automatically.

As you might know I am a follower of the and in a recent episode ( Alex had TechnoTim as a guest host. Here he mentioned his new project 100 Days of Homelab #100DaysOfHomeLab ( which I plan to join shortly. I just need a week or so to plan at least the first couple of weeks.

So here is to me being back – at least once a week – and perhaps even with a monthly video.

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